Why are B2B copywriters so hard to find?

Why are B2B copywriters so hard to find?

Posted on Mar. 04, 2024

More often than not, firms struggle to find the right B2B copywriting talent to hire. And this is simply because the demand for B2B writing skills has continued to rise, even to a point where companies are becoming desperate.

Apart from the brands that are in constant search of highly skilled B2B talent to add to their in-house teams, a lot of top B2B agencies are also looking for editors and writers that can provide top-quality B2B copywriting services to their clients.

The fact is, without being able to provide a top-quality B2B copywriting service, most agencies won’t get many clients. So, an agency’s success depends largely on its capacity to build a talented writing team – and this is not as easy as it seems.

Right now, it appears as if there are too many copywriting jobs than there are writers available to do them. This brings two questions to mind: is it possible to strike a balance, and how?

Demand for the Best Writing Talent

It’s easy to understand why there is a huge demand for writing talent. Virtually all types of B2B marketing requires B2B content at one point or the other. Anytime your content is compared to that of a competitor, having a writer on your team who can capture the attention of your readers gives you a great advantage.

Obviously, there are upsides to having in-house copywriters, especially for companies with heavy workloads. Firstly, being able to call on the talents at your disposal without having to wait until a freelancer is free, can be very beneficial. Secondly, there are positive cost implications because in-house B2B content writers earn less than the average copywriter.

Why is there a shortage of writers?

The top brands and B2B agencies have a plethora of content jobs available, but let’s take a look at why the best writers aren’t always queuing up to take them.

  1. B2B copywriting can be difficult
    B2B writing is not easy. If you’re looking for a writer who wants to write about B2B topics such as IP law and insurance software, you’ll need to find someone with a good grasp of the subject, understand how it ties in with the business side of things, and be a good-enough writer to create compelling copy. This is a tough ask for a lot of people.
  2. They don’t need the work
    These days, good freelancers are well paid. So, it isn’t surprising to find that a freelancer you’re offering a job to already earns more than you’re willing to pay. And to top it off, as a freelancer they get to work in the comfort of their home, whenever they want. So, why would they want to leave all that comfort just to take a B2B copywriting job in an office? The incentives are not always enough.

How can you fix this problem? By hiring your own B2B copywriters and training them to your company’s high standards.

A B2B copywriter that knows their subject matter will not just come out of nowhere, ready-made to work for you. Once you’re able to recognise this, you’ll know you have just a few options. You can continue hiring freelancers, engage the services of a B2B copywriting agency, employ trainee writers and train them, and improve the skills of your current marketing team through training. All these options come with their own problems.

To build a powerful team of copywriters, however, growing your own team is a solid option. All it needs is identifying people with the right attitude, as well as interest/understanding of tech or business, then dedicating the time to teach and mentor them until they reach the required standard.

This approach needs patience, plenty of coaching, and comprehensive feedback. As such, it’s a long-term strategy, and as time goes on, you’ll start to reap the rewards of your efforts in mentorship, training, and investment.

Also, if a member of your marketing team has a flair for writing, you could structure a development program for them which would involve copywriting training so they can help out with the writing workload. One other advantage of this type of training is that they can review content that has been outsourced to freelance writers.

Alternatively, for reliable and quick results, an expert copywriting agency is the best option.

One thing you can be sure of is that you’ll be getting the best copywriters, which is exactly what B2B marketing requires. Even if you implement all the data, technology, automation, and personalisation techniques, you won’t be making any positive impact if you’re creating content that your readers find poor quality.

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