What is Telemarketing?

Telemarketing is a marketing strategy that engages in selling products or services via telephone or most recently through video conferencing. Sometimes they refer it as “Telesales” and “Inside Sales”

To do so, a representative will directly contact by phone the prospect customer to sell or stimulate the interest of the product or service. This is also called Outbound Telemarketing. However, when the customer contacts the company for more queries or takes an order of the product or service, this is called Inbound Telemarketing.   

Advantages of Telemarketing

In today`s digital age, Telemarketing is still an effective way of promoting and selling products/services. One of the reasons is that they can have direct feedback from a customer, answers the query right away, and immediately respond to the customer`s concern. The best part is, they can even close a successful business deal on the spot. This means more revenue to the company. In Telemarketing, we cannot deny that there are more potential customers to talk to and reach out at a distance.

Another advantage is that the representative could be on their home during calls so there is no need for office space, computer, and other tools needed.

Telemarketing has a huge impact on lead generation on a new client and follow-up the interest of the previous and existing customer.

How does it Work?

Telemarketing appears usually on a call center base. In some cases, some are in their home office. Representatives or Agents are trained how to handle calls, such as rejections and irate customers. On the contrary, they also hope to demonstrate their skills like motivation, resilience, listening, adaptability, etc. When the call is executed professionally with the right attitude, we can expect more sales.

Most of the Representatives are given a cubicle, a phone, and other tools needed for calls. They are given a phone number from the company to call the prospect customer. They are often persistent because they are given a quota each day.

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